A Music Residency program.


NEW RELEASE on the Samarbeta label

SBR013 SVB 'The Stone Tape'




We are really pleased to announce the next release on their label; New York based musician Sarah Van Buren (a.k.a. SVB) new cassette 'The Stone Tape'.


Written and recorded in 2018 'The Stone Tape' was made during SVB's split residency;

The first part was a trip to the ancestral homelands of central Ireland, where SVB visited Gnod Farm (home to Paddy + Marlene of Gnod), undertaking extensive digital and analog field recordings, specifically in locations of supernatural significance.

The second part took place within a disused refrigeration unit in a warehouse behind Islington Mill, where SVB turned the field recordings into loops, creating the backbone for the tracks on The Stone Tape.


Writer David Mclean of Tombed Visions records reviews the album;


The opener ‘Crucible’ draws back the veil of this haunted record with spookily kitsch synth chords and chattering digitised voices, before melting into the wrongly out of time xylophone and demonic nursey rhyme of ‘Footprints’. ‘Kick Up The Mud’ is the early banger of the record, a cold wave ballad with propulsive electronic drums for dancing in your own arms in the dark. On ‘Grasp The Bird’s Tail’, tai chi manoeuvres are intoned against a bloated fog of found sounds. It’s clear that The Stone Tape is an audio homage to phantasmagoria, with SVB delighting in creating detailed scenes that are populated with a huge cast of characters, that interrupt the séance to share their tale of the other side. ‘Epilogue’ closes the ritualistic album with the poetically stark image of  “standing in the graveyard with my younger self”, a fitting end to a record as much about spiritual transgression as well as honouring spirits past.



Announcing SBR015:


Samarbeta are pleased to announce the 15th residency: a collaboration between UKAEA, THE SEER and IMPATV entitled WORLDZERO. Taking place in Unit 3, Regents Trading, behind Islington Mill, the residency will see the creation, development and presentation of a new performance that will explore elements of acoustic and electronic sound, body performance, costume and set design, spoken word, light design and mapped projections. WORLDZERO will lead audiences through a post-apocalyptic filter, re-imagining what it means to be human when the old world collapses and a new one is born from its ashes.



Read an interview we have done ahead of Moon Duos WORLD PREMIERE of AV show Startdust Highway on their page right now. A Collaboration with visual artist Emmanuel Biard this performance sees the band play the new album for the very irrst time. Not one to be missed at the NIAMOS Centre in Hulme, 26/04/19

Tickets are still available from Skiddle & DICE.



We are psyched to announce the 14th Samarbeta residency, a collaboration between Moon Duo (Portland, OR) and Emmanuel Biard (Manchester), entitled Stardust Highway: Experiments in Stoner Disco. During the residency the artists will use live music and video art to explore ideas about time, ritual, and the human desire to transcend material reality.


Taking place in a huge warehouse on Regents Trading Estate behind Islington Mill, Moon Duo will explore the conceptual commonalities between performance and ritual, with a focus on sonic repetition and  the merging of particular human energies in the physical space shared by artist and audience. The live show, taking place on Friday 26th April will cultivate an experience that feels, in a sense, out of time, as it play with idioms of psych rock and dance music in a perception-shifting visual environment inspired by 70’s discotheques and the psychedelic experience.


Tickets are on sale now from Skiddle & DICE.


Moon Duo have been on the Samarbeta wish list since we started the program in 2013 and Emmanuel Biard has been a huge part of Manchester's creative AV scene for many years so we are really excited to see what comes of this transatlantic collaboration.



We are really excited to announce the 13th residency with New York based artist Sarah Van Buren (SVB).


SVB’s Samarbeta residency will be split into two parts; first, a trip to the ancestral homelands of central Ireland, where SVB will visit the Gnod Farm (home to Paddy + Marlene of Gnod) to do some extensive digital and analog field recordings of the surrounding environs. Close attention will be paid to locations of energetic / supernatural significance. The second part will take place within the refrigeration unit at Caustic Coastal, and will see SVB working with and recontextualising the recordings as musical pieces, culminating in a final performance on Friday 14 December.


Check out the residency page for more information.



Just over one year on from the live performance we are super excited to announce the release of SBR011: Kicked From The Stars by Graham Massey & Umut Çağlar.


Back in 2017 from 22nd August - 1st September the international collaborative tour de force of Manchester based Graham Massey (808 State) and Umut Çağlar  (Konstrukt) took part in a 10 day Samarbeta residency across both Islington Mill and Old Granada Studios.


It’s something we have been talking about for two years, we were right on the instinct..we have a common Musical Language” - Graham Massey


The result of the residency was a live show at Islington Mill which saw the Zelig like character of Paddy Steer join the duo to create an “Organic, Free-flowing kind of music”. The show was recorded and has been mixed by Massey and mastered by Peter Beckmann, to be released on Vinyl on October 15th 2018 on the Samarbera label. You can preorder it now via our shop.



Liverpool musicians and friends, come and join us on Sunday 16th September at Tiber Square, Toxteth for an open jam with Charles Hayward as we build and test for our next residency in 2019, THINGS CHANGE.


THINGS CHANGE is a project that aims to;

- build a culture of solidarity in a current political climate where walls are being built and division is being thrust upon society

- bring together musicians from varying cultural backgrounds that live in Liverpool to play together and learn from one anothers different approaches to writing music.

- produce a live show that will be performed on Tiber Square next summer, 2019, for all the community to celebrate the diversity of Liverpool.


On Sunday 16th September musicians will be able to meet and play together and see who would like to be part of the project. It is an informal jam, all you need to bring is your instrument, be willing to collaborate and play with new people. We will have more information about the project and how you may be able to be involved furthur in 2019, plus some tasty food!



Very excited to announce the next release on the Samarbeta label.

SBR007: CRIME SCENE: Written by Phil Carney, Composed by David Mclean and performed by The Crime Scene Ensemble  

On Monday 6th August 2018 we well release a LTD edition DVD of he full live show, an interview with McLean and Carney and a plush, 32 page booklet containing concert photography as well as Carney’s short stories in full.

Recorded and edited by Jamie Robinson at IMPATV.

Booklet designed by Lewis Mclean and printed at MARC.


Limited edition of 200 copies.



What an incredible residency. Saturday nights performance of Elemental in the Caustic Coastal refrigeration unit was phenomenal and we are very honoured that we got to facilitate the project and work with these amazing women over the past week. Firstly a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Nancy Elizabeth for her creative vision, incredible execution and for bring all these talented musicians to Salford. To all the singers, Jo Price, Nula Mathers, Kath Orde, Jojo Thorne and Rosie Giles. Thank you do Dean Brierley at Caustic Coastal for giving us the space that inspired the music. To OLA for their performance and a huge thank you to Youth Music for funding this project. There is more to come with this project so watch this space!



We can now confirm that support for Nancy Elizabeth's 'Elemental' show on Saturday 7th April will come from Manchester's very own OLA.


The duo who describe themselves as Electronic/Dreampop blend ambient spaces, treated guitars, layered vocal harmonies and beat driven tracks. Hard to pin down, their music is characterised by it’s questing, forward momentum, guitars and delicate orchestral elements into great dream-pop odysseys.


One thing is for sure it is hauntingly beautiful and will be the perfect beginning to a beautiful Saturday evening journey.




We are proud to release details of the next Samarbeta residency, the first for 2018. Working in a new venue at Caustic Coastal, Salford we will be hosting esteemed musician Nancy Elizabeth.


After a decade or more of developing an increasingly complicated relationship to music and the music industry, Elizabeth has decided to strip things back to basics – to do away with stage plans, tech specs and complicated electronics. To exist with 6 wonderful singers for a week and create.


Elemental will use using the acoustics of their location (an industrial refrigeration unit) to present the voice. The culminating performance of the residency will be performed in pitch black darkness, so the power of the voice will be your only focus, encompassing all your senses.

For more information check out her residency page




Modern Ritual w/ Charles Hayward, Laura Cannell, Hoofus, Jennifer Lucy Allan, Luke Turner

Friday 6th April.

Some key member of the Samarbeta alumni come together for this special modern ritual.

[Modern Ritual] is a night of new performances exploring ideas of ritual through music and words, evoking real and fictional landscapes.

[Modern Ritual] is ancient, modern, experimental, real, fictional, personal, folkloric. It explores human and mechanical rituals, failure of ritual and provides a platform to premier new works in the UK.

Tickets on sale now through Skiddle.



Paddy Steer joining Graham Massey & Umut Çağlar LIVE THIS Friday.

Joining Graham Massey & Umut Çağlar Live at Islington Mill on Friday is Mancunian Moon Dog Paddy Steer. This is their only planned live show. You can expect Future Exotica meets Moroccan punk. Manchester meets Istanbul. Techno meets Free Jazz.



SBR011 Graham Massey & Umut Çağlar has begun.

Today we welcomed Graham & Umut to Islington Mill to begin the 11th Samarbeta residency. Over the next 10 days the pair will be based in Graham’s studio writing and recording together. The culminating performance of the residency will be on Friday 1st September in the Islington Mill event space. Expect Manchester meet Istanbul. Techno meets Free Jazz. Tickets are £6 from Skiddle.



Announcing support for Wilf Petherbridge & Ben Hauke & present PLAY.

Naomi Kashiwagi & Raikes Parade.

Naomi Kashiwagi is an artist and turntablist, she explores the cyclical nature of obsolescence and technological innovation. In 2014 Naomi was featured in the article Women & Machines (M Magazine- PRS for music online magazine) that profiled ‘electronic music’s great female pioneers.

Andy Blundell AKA Raikes Parade is a musician/producer currently residing at Islington Mill in Salford. After spending a couple of years in bands he now produces his own solo projects. Incorporating live instrumentation with digital production techniques.



Announcing our 11th residency


(Konstrukt / 808 State)

From 22nd August to 1st September we are incredibly excited to host an international collaborative tour de force of Manchester based Graham Massey (808 State) and Istanbul based Umut Caglar (Konstrukt).

More Details …



Announcing our 10th Residency WILF PETHERBRIDGE & BEN HAUKE

After an incredible two weeks with Stealing Sheep we are excited to announce the next Residency and the winner of the Open Call opportunity:


During their 10 day residency in the Islington Mill event space, the London based duo will produce a new recording and performance ‘PLAY’ that celebrates public collaboration and inclusion.



Stealing Sheep LIVE at Manchester International Festival

THIS SATURDAY Stealing Sheep will premiere their brand new show LUMA DISCO at Manchester International Festival. Having been privy to the production for this show we guarentee it is going to be spectacular. There are still some tickets left so snap one up now to avoid missing the best disco since the 70’s!




Today we embark on the 9th Samarbeta Residency with electro pop duo Stealing Sheep. Over he next two weeks they will be working on producing a brand new performance ‘LUMA DISCO’ that includes their new shimmery disco sounds and colourful pop-art lighting techniques that experiment with black light illusion, sound responsive light structures, cutting edge LED sculpturing, RGB shadows and robotic dance formations. LUMA DISCO will be premiered at Manchester International Festival on Saturday 8th July.




Ex-Easter Island Head - Large Electric Ensemble LIVE at The Deaf Institute // 23/06/17

Back in February 2016, Ex-Easter Island Head (EEIH) took up home at Islington Mill as part of a 10 day Samarbeta residency to work with an ensemble of handpicked guitarists from a variety of musical backgrounds and artistic disciplines. The outcome of the residency was the creation, performance and recording of an ambitious new piece of music, breaking new compositional ground for the group. This show sees the reconvening of the ensemble to present this ambitious work in full following a Sold Out show at Islington Mill back in 2016 and a performance at 2017’s Supersonic Festival.





Luma Disco: Call Out for Dancers & Choreographers

Are you a budding dancer?

Are you a fan of the Busby Berkeley style of choreography?

Do you want to bring dance to a new unassuming audience?  

We have 2 types of roles coming up to get involved with the next Samarbeta residency that may be of interest to you. Take a look at the Stealing Sheep page to find out more



SBR010: Open Call details released

Have an idea that you have always wanted to pursue as a musician?

Need the space, time and support to make it happen?

Samarbeta are pleased to release details about how you can be the next musician in residence to make your idea a relaity. Read more details about how to apply on our website by clicking here. 



Samarbeta at Supersonic Festival & Psych Fest

We are pleased to announce that there are 2 Samarbeta projects featuring at this years Supersonic festval alongside some of our favourite artists. Both Anonymous Bash and Ex Easter Island head large ensemble will feature across the weekend. Get your tickets now as word has it they are selling fast. Also announced are Ex Easter Island Head's Large Electric Ensemble at this years Liverpool Psych Fest. Tickets available here.


Announcing SBR009: Stealing Sheep

22nd June - 8th July 2017

We are really proud to announce a new residency with Stealing Sheep, an electro pop trio from Liverpool. Stealing Sheep have released 2 albums on Heavenly Recordings and are currently developing their third album that will be premiered at this years Manchester International Festival accompanied by a brand new multi media show developed during their Samarbeta residency at Islington Mill. The project entitled ‘POWER GAMES’ includes their new shimmery disco sounds and colourful pop-art lighting techniques that experiment with black light illusion, sound responsive light structures, cutting edge LED sculpturing, RGB shadows and robotic dance formations. An open call will go out in the next few months to involve local dancers. Watch the band perform their eagerly anticipated new album live (prior to it's release), accompanied by fascinating visuals.



Thurston Moore Poetry Reading.

Last night was a very special event with an intimate reading from Thurston Moore, Lauren Bolger & Bob Clowery in Fat Out’s Burrow at Islington Mill, captured beautifully by photographer Paul Husband.



Announcing SBR008: Thurston Moore

We are incredibly proud to announce the next Samarbeta residency on the eve of the culmination of Crime Scene: David McLean & Phil Carney. Between 26th February and 4th March Thurston Moore & Radieux Radio will join with selected collaborators to work on a site specific project entitled 'Watch the Sky' which will culminate in a live performance and exhibition Islington Mill on Friday 3rd March. Tickets are on sale NOW via Skiddle.



'McLean makes a scene'

And a very happy new year it is. David McLean  & Phil Carney’s culminating residency performance CRIME SCENE was previewed in the MEN newspaper.



SBR 007 Announced

Since our last residency ended in May we have been budy hatching plans for the next few and today we are exceptionally pleased to announce the next residency will be taking place from 4-15th January with musician David Mclean and film noir writer Phil Carney. Entitled Crime Scene the duo will spend 10 days at Islington Mill producing a new suite of compositions performed by a large ensemble of local Manchester musicians and actors. Including musicians and actors from Mother, Water, Action Beat, Lake of Snakes, Drunk in Hell, Barberos & Lonelady. You can read more about the residency and purchase tickets for the live show & exhibition by visiting their page. 



Mama is coming home.

We knew she would stay away for too long . We are excited to announce that Lydia Lunch’s Retrovirus will be performing at Islington Mill on Thursday 15th December. Supporting the show is Yr Lovely Dead Moon and Slow Knife, both of which are projects by ‘From the Page to the Stage’ participants.

Tickets are £8 ADV and on sale now.



One year anniversary of Swaggerjack publication

It is exactly one year since the release of the SBR002: Swaggerjack publication, a book documenting the process of the band producing a record in solitude, aiming to create a record that was free from influence from the outside world. One copy of this record was produced on degradable dubplate and the only way you will hear this record is to visit the British Library Sound Archives.


Since the release Samarbeta and Swaggerjack have invited writers to review the record. By going to the library with your ID and utility bill you then become a member of the British Library, and within 30 minutes you will be be sat in the beautiful library listening to music produced at Islington Mill that you cannot hear anywhere else in the world.


To mark the one year anniversary of the release we have added new inserts to the book that incorporate reviews from Jennifer Lucy Allan (ARC Light Editions) and Paul Margree (We Need No Swords). These writers capture the process of making time to hear new music in a time where everything is so accessible. The reviews have been risograph’ed and accompany the updated version of the book.




Publication and Audio CD

Incredibly excited to announce that THIS MONDAY (7th) at the Lydia Lunch's RETROVIRUS show at Islington Mill is the official launch of LYDIA LUNCH: FROM THE PAGE TO THE STAGE, a publication and audio CD recorded and performed during at Islington Mill, Salford, during Lydia Lunch’s Samarbeta residency. This publication is a hand made beauty, designed and printed by Textbook Studio. Officially this is not being released until Friday 11th March but you will be able to get your hands on one 4 days early at this show.



Support announced for Ex Easter Island Head live show on 20th February.

Schoolhouse + Vitalija Glovackyte & Michael Cutting

Schoolhouse an electronica project with visuals from Manchester. “Textually, it resembles the dense minimalism of Pauline Oliveros or Makoto Kawabata’s most cosmic excursions”. Glovackyte & Cutting's set explores the idea of process as performance, with the act of live recording and analogue delay reminiscent of the 70s tape technique Frippertronics, made popular by Robert Fripp and Brian Eno.



Documentary of Lydia Lunch Residency

KHOM'S amazing film that documents the incredible Lydia Lunch and Weasel Walter residency back in October. Watching this has made us very nostalgic and super excited about have both Weasel and Lydia back for Retrovirus in March. Massive thanks to Jamie Robinson aka KHOM for making this film and capturing the vibe of residency so accurately.



New event as part of Ex Easter Island Head’s residency. 

Tuesday 16th February

Perspectives on the Prepared Guitar

A lecture and workshop by Ex-Easter Island Head

As part of their Samarbeta residency Benjamin D. Duvall of EEIH presents a lecture and workshop exploring the groups' approaches, techniques and preparations within the broader context of 20th century experimental music and 'prepared' instruments, through mixed media and group participation.




Lydia Lunch returns for a live show with RETROVIRUS

An all-star cast of sonic brutarians in a no-holds-barred survey of her musical output from 1977 to the present. Including music from Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, 8 Eyed Spy, Queen of Siam, 1313 and Shotgun Wedding.

Tickets £8 from / Skiddle




Ex Easter Island Head

'New music for Large Electric Ensemble'

Join us at Islington Mill on the 20th February to witness this debut performance of the new electric ensemble alongside a specially curated support line up made from contributors to the ensemble

Tickets £6 from / Skiddle




SBR006: Ex Easter Island Head

8th-21st February 2016

Ex Easter Island Head return to Samarbeta following the success of their initial residency with the BBC Philharmonic ensemble in April/May of 2015. As part of this Samarbeta residency the group will spend 2 weeks at Islington Mill to develop the Large Electric Ensemble, Manchester. EEIH will work with a handpicked selection of local guitarists from a variety of musical backgrounds to compose a new piece that will see the groups' unique vocabulary of extended techniques deployed on a mass scale.



Anonymous Bash perform at Teeth of the Sea  record launch in London.

Anonymous Bash back to where they belong on the stage at London Fields Brewery tonight supporting Teeth of the Sea at their album launch  



Fairwell Lydia Lunch

After an incredible two weeks of having Lydia Lunch on residency today we reluctantly took her to the airport today. Massive thank you to both Lydia and Weasel for everything they put into their residency. A really special two weeks and already plans brewing for their return next year.  



Halloween Seance UPDATE

Not long to go until Lydia Lunch touches down in the UK to undertake her Samarbeta residency. One of three live performances she will do whilst based at Islington Mill falls on Halloween. Today we are pleased to announce that alongside this performance, the Islington Mill gallery will be being transformed into our WYTCHES COVEN MOVIE THEATRE with the purpose of conjuring spells, sharing our mystic energy and learning from experienced Wytches by watching





More sneak peeks and info coming in the following weeks as the big night gets closer and closer...



Want to be taught the art of spoken word performance by the Queen of Siam? Two opportunities to participate in a collaborative workshop led by Lunch during her residency in October. For more information click here.  



Today we have announced not one, not two but THREE Live shows as part of our next Samarbeta residency with Lydia Lunch: SBR005. The residency will take place across 2 weeks from 24th October- 4th November. Facebook Pages are here for those who want to get social:


LIVE SHOW 1 // Horrible True Confessions, Deadly Orgone Radiation, Asian Babes and Denim & Leather  


LIVE SHOW 2 // Lydia Lunch's Halloween Seance with PINS, ILL & WATER


LIVE SHOW 3 // From the Page to the Stage LIVE, the culmination show of SBR005


Or just head to the Live Shows Page:





To read about the residency and the cross art form experiements that are due to take place check out the page. 




It is with great delight that we can announce our success at securing a grant from Arts Council England to fund the next 3 Samarbeta music residencies and to develop the program to have a more sustainable future.


We are super excited to announce that joining us in Manchester over the next 10 months will be:


SBR004: Sam Weaver (Manchester)

SBR005: Lydia Lunch (Barcelona/New York)

SBR006: Ex Easter Island Head (Liverpool)


Each residency will be different from the next, encompassing our ethos of this being an artist led residency; in giving them time away from everyday constraints to focus on something they wish to develop in their own creative practice. They will incorporate elements of collaboration, experimentation and education, interacting with you, as contributors, performers or audience members and it is this element which is key for us to make a residency a success.


These residencies would not be possible without the support of both Islington Mill, who are ever generous in their offerings and belief in this program and of course Arts Council England.





Incredibly excited that Anonymous Bash will be performing at the wonderful Supernormal festival this year. Such a special festival in a magical location. Such a great line up and only £80 for the whole weekend. Tickets are available here.




Samarbeta Residency 003 announced:

Liverpool based Ex Easter Island Head will write a brand new composistion for selected members of BBC Philharmonic. The piece will be performed live and debuted at this years Sounds From the Other City Festival. You can get tickets for the festival here. And find out more about the residency by checking out the page. 



Anonymous Bash press shot courtesy of Jamie Robinson.  



Wonderful show in Shipley this evening. Massive thank you to the Golden Cabinet crew.




Have arrived in Liverpool after an epic and fustrating drive from Bristol. Setting up now for the first outdoor of the tour!

Doors 8pm. Anonyomus Bash 22.30




2nd stop on the Anonymous Bash tour is Bristol playing for Cacophonous Sarcophagus. Sweet line up including Sly and the Family Drone, Some Truths and our own Negra Branca.



Massive Thank you to Mark and everyone at MKII for putting us up for two nights in London. Amazing space with so much creativity happening under its roof.




Cafe OTO date was incredible. Amazing turn out and the crowd were loving it and brought loads of records. Massive thank you to Fielding Hope for making the show happen and all the staff at OTO.





First stop is Cafe OTO in London. Doors are at 8pm. London friends do not miss this show.





A last minute date has been added at Islington Mill for the Charles Hayward tour coinciding with

ABYSS: an exhibition by John Powell Jones.


21.2.15 Charles Hayward: Anonymous Bash @ Islington Mill





Very grateful to John Powell Jones for designing the tour poster for the upcoming Charles Hayward tour. Only a few weeks to go now. EXCITING TIMES






We are incredibly excited to anounce that Charles is taking Anonymous Bash on a UK tour in February.


17.2 Cafe OTO - LONDON

19.2 Exchange - BRISTOL

20.2 Kazimier Gardens - LIVERPOOL

22.2 Kirkgate Centre - SHIPLEY





Samarbeta 002: Swaggerjack residency is now over.

Callum and John locked themselves in the Islington Mill club space and wrote a new record, completely uninfluenced and uninterrupted by the exterior world. Now they hand it over to Samarbeta favourite Sam Weaver to master, and then it will be transported to the London Sound Archive.

Massive thank you to John and Callum for taking part in the second Samarbeta residency.



Each day we will be sent images from the Swaggerjack residency via a secret shared folder. This will be the duos only contact with the world during thier week long residency and we will share them with you daily. See the gallery on the right hand side of this column.



SBR 002 - SWAGGERJACK has begun.

The club space has been locked and for the next week nobody else other than John and Callum can enter, leaving the musicians to write a record without external disruption and influence.




This Sunday sees the beginning of Samarbeta residency 002: SWAGGERJACK


The duo, otherwise known as John Powell-Jones and Callum Higgins are taking the residency program to the polar opposite of what Charles Hayward did by locking themselves away within the confines of the Islington Mill Venue Space for a solid week in total isolation. In cutting themselves off from all communication & human contact the duo hope to create a record that is uninfluenced.


The residency will be heavily documented visually, HOWEVER the outcome of this residency will not be heard en masse. One sole 12” record will be produced as a dubplate, degrading with continual use making no two plays the same. This single copy will be immediately hand delivered to the British Library Sound Archive (BLSA) in London, where the record will sit alongside late 19th century cylinders & over 360,000 CD’s as well as 12 other formats of music publications. The recording will only be able to be listened to in person at the library itself.


2015 is off to a wonderful start in the Samarbeta camp and we think this is going to be an extremely exciting year.




TONIGHT is the night. It is Record Launch time! Come and join us at Islington Mill, Salford from 7:30pm. Mr Charles Hayward has been here for 3 days on a mini residency working with musicians to recreate the record LIVE and it will be performed this evening for the first ever time! Along with a whole host of other one off collaborations between musicians that feature on the record.


This will also be one of your only chances to pick up one of the last few LTD Edition records.


The best thing, this is a FREE event!



Production of Anonymous Bash are well and truely underway. Alot of cutting, sticking and DVD burning going on in the Samarbeta camp this week getting all the handmade artwork ready in time for the record release on Monday.





Following on from the very first Samarbeta residency, which took place in May/June 2014 with This Heat drummer, Charles Hayward, it is now the time for SwaggerJack to take centre stage. The duo, otherwise known as John Powell-Jones and Callum Higgins have so far released one album through Higgins own, Sacred Tapes label and we are super psyched to announce them as the next musicians-in-residence for Samarbeta




Pre orders for Anonymous Bash are now availble through the Samarbeta shop




Samarbeta are incredibly proud and excited to announce official launch party of Anonymous Bash where the record will be performed LIVE in its entirety.

@ Islington Mill - Friday 12th December.



SVBbandcamp ABpress2 Lydia_Lunch SWLiveposter Swaggerjack Launch Poster From the Page to the Stage Poster photo 3 photo 5 Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 12.50.54 IMG_2046 IMG_2047 IMG_2049 15271884_681077908727671_4210471700208648165_o tm-zdb_cred_veramarmelo002

Photo Credit: Vera Marmelo

Thurston BQ4A3238 small copy BQ4A3335 copy SHEEP MIF heepsheep 12047752_10155995982055577_1725371924_n Supersonic-A3-postermarch Psych Fest Combo Take 2 DSC00047 IMG_9894 WilfY&BenPla 20622142_812634382238689_7765015294216072083_n image2 GrahamMassey&UmutCaglar modernritual Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 13.55.08 IMG_6039
Front and Record 14890510_10154640546843536_387344876304584515_o IMG_6506TrioPotential W0_logo_gold SVBbandcamp PhotoCreditCaitlinMacBride